About the Author

“Negativity is part of our lives and we can either be victims of it or use it to our advantage.”
A highly sought after business keynote speaker, Craig Price has helped thousands of people learn to find the value in negative thoughts and emotions.

Often, presentations are all fluff and have little long-term value. Participants walk out motivated and excited but that soon wears off as they slip back in to reality. Craig realized for true long-term motivation and production, one must look at the current tools every person possesses and utilize them. This was the driving force behind his desire to bring ”reality” based programs back into focus.

“We need to learn to play the hand that’s dealt us, not hope and wish we had more aces. You don’t need a royal flush to win every hand!”

His signature keynote “Getting a Grip on Negativity” and the companion book “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide” gets audiences to understand how to use negativity as a tool for change and productivity.

“It’s better to take a moment to think an idea through than rush a flawed idea into a major mistake”

As a professional speaker, advisor, author and entertainer, Craig has worked with some of the most effective and diverse corporate leaders, from multibillion-dollar manufacturers to top universities, around the country. He has a background in customer service, entertainment, telecommunications, and safety. A former professional stand-up comedian, Craig won the coveted title of “ Houston’s Funniest Person.” He is also an actor with television, voice-over and national radio program experience.

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