“Looking for something beyond a positive attitude to set you on the right path? Half a Glass is a kick in the pants, a dose of reality, and a good laugh – all at the same time. Craig Price’s insight on using “negative” thinking to plan well and success are dead on and very useful. The design of the book is cool and very readable.”
– Busy Women’s

“The world isn’t perfect, but it isn’t going totally to hell either. “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide” is a different sort of philosophy guide from Craig Price as he presents a more straight set of philosophy as he urges people to be realistic about their own hopes and dreams, and while they’re not going to be an astronaut, it doesn’t mean their life can’t turn out well. “Half a Glass” is charming and wise reading, very highly recommended.”

– Midwest Book Review

Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Best self-help book EVER.
By Nicola

“Craig Price’s book, Half a Glass consolidates in one, easy-to-read book what took YEARS of therapy for me to discover. It’s insightful, clever, inspiring, and if you put it to use, his advice will change your life.”

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5.0 out of 5 stars Eye opening! Right on the money!
By Daniel E.

“Craig Price’s book is fantastic! I have read it twice already! Eye opening and engaging revelations are waiting for you in the pages of this work of art! Get it! Read it! Learn from it! Craig Price is a true genius.”

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5.0 out of 5 stars Funny and Practical
By Alex S. Brown “a project leader – PMP and IPMA-C” (New Jersey, USA)

“Easy to read and a lot of laughs…if you read it just once. If you dig a little deeper, it is a really healthy, balanced answer to those “think rich and grow rich” speakers and authors. Craig’s book has the refreshing message that sometimes success happens to really bad people, and that positive thoughts do not necessarily lead to good results. For anyone who has gotten caught up in the self-blame that can accompany “positive thinking” mantras, Craig offers a realistic and practical way out.

I do not want to downplay the just-plain-fun part of the book. I laughed out loud at footnote #13 on page 28 — a scholarly reference to “Psychological Science”. Why was this footnote so funny? You have to read footnotes #1 to 12 to understand, but believe me, it is hilarious to see Craig cite Psychological Science on page 28.”

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5.0 out of 5 stars Half A Glass is a gas
By Lee Pendergraft (Houston)

“Craigs book is certianly entertaining and right on target when it comes to demonstrating the value of NO. There are far too many caught up in the consensus style for business management and administration who simply dismiss or under value a contrarians point of view. Craig tells you why and hints at what these always optomistic types need to understand about what motivates negative responses and how to learn from it.

For those who are a bit too negative, he gives you wiggle room to learn how to express yourself in such a way that you can get through to the ‘everything is roses’ types.

If your one one extreme or the other of the scale, watch out. He can eat you alive and have you laughing about the whole experiece. Read the footnotes. They are just as good as the book; maybe even a little better.”

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5.0 out of 5 stars Down-right funny, on target — you can’t put it down.
By Vermonter

“A quick-wit read that addresses life’s negativity in the workplace and every place. This author’s spot-on humor and direct assessment deals with it all. Find your “ah-ah” moments and smile as this “turns the light bulb on” book shows how a negative can really become a positive. An informative, entertaining easy read.”

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